1. Spirit is the vital principle or animating force within living beings; the soul is that part or essence credited with the faculties of thought, action, and emotion.

2. You can always crush somebody’s spirit—but a soul is forever.

3. They are the same—each just a type of energy.

4. The eyes are the window to the soul; but a person’s spirit surrounds them—therefore: the soul is internal, and the spirit is external.

5. The soul is the cerebral part—the spirit is the sentient part.

6. The soul has a heart—the spirit does not.

7. Your soul is a fixed quantity you’re born with—but your spirit is changeable.

8. The soul is the vital core of a living thing—the spirit is its incorporeal consciousness.

9. Both the same: It’s the essence that resides within your body—which exists after you die.

10. Spirit is energy put toward a passion—Soul is something that transcends life.

11. They are both the same—but the soul is more powerful.

12. A soul has a spirit—but a spirit does not have a soul.

13. There’s intelligence behind a soul—but a spirit is like smoke.

14. You can sell your soul—but not your spirit.

15. You’re born with both; you die with your soul—and your spirit can be broken.

16. Spirit is the mass that energies the body; the soul is the part of that mass that allows one to have feelings.

17. Soul is the actuating cause of an individual life—Spirit is the tonic-force within that life.

18. The soul weighs 21-grams; the spirit is pure energy.

19. The spirit is that which drives one to succeed—the soul is that which keeps one from doing harm.

20. The soul is unique to humans—the spirit is innate to all life forms.

21. Spirit is the breath of life—Soul is one’s essence weighted on a scale in the afterlife.

22. The spirit is living—but the soul is deceased yet still alive.

23. Soul is the original energy signature of an individual—that when infused with spirit produces life.

24. Spirit is the part of us responsible for our overall sense of purpose and identity—Soul is the force forging our destiny.

25. Soul is a good meal—Spirit is cold beer.

26. Soul is the introvert fragment of quintessence carrying unique vitality—Spirit is the extrovert fragment of quintessence carrying unique emotionality.

27. Soul is the vehicle of existence—Spirit is the fuel of that vehicle.

28. Based on the known fact everything in the universe is either matter or energy—then soul is the linking principle between spirit (energy) and body (matter).

29. Soul is the source of life—Spirit is the scout for our intent.

30. Soul is the moral nature of an individual—Spirit is the personification of that nature.

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