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Research Projects  (2002-2005):

Note: "online" research projects differ in numerical order as contrasted with the "in print" research projects (see: HT Bookstore - human thermodynamics VI-VIII and Cessation Thermodynamics); only few results have made their way online (and most are not coded) as:

UIC: Attractiveness vs Intelligence Data - 2,000 plus graduation photos & degrees [2002]
Most Desirable to Marry Poll - 147 votes [2003]
Most Likely Place to Meet Your Wife or Husband - 177 votes [2003]
Top Substances Tried by Chicagoans- 100 people polled [2003]
What is the Exact Definition of Love? - 250 votes [2004]
What's the Difference: Soul vs. Spirit? - 100 people polled [2005]
What is Humankind's Present-Day Greatest Philosophical Conundrum? 100 people polled [2005]

Those remaining projects, as shown in the following table, have yet to make their way online:
Research Projects (2005-Present):

Hot Sex, Ambient Sex, Cold Sex - Survey [2005] (under-construction)