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Inception: 10/24/05
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1. “If you want an A in trigonometry – study calculus.”

2. “The well-informed reader – always makes the wiser choice.”

3. Self-Check:
Got next month’s rent?
Got food in the fridge?
Got any warrants on you?
“Yes, Yes, No…? Well, my friend – you’re not doing too bad in my book!”

4. “If every time a horse hurdles it hits its left hoof – sooner or later….”

5. “If we learn best from our own mistakes, then....
the more mistakes we make – the better we learn!”

6. “Life (definition) fun and games.”

7. “Learn as if you would never be able to master it.
Hold it as though you would be afraid of losing it.
Always push the limits.
If you never fail – you will never succeed.”

8. “Whatever you do in life,
be confident its result will sit well in your stomach.”

9. “Whoever cuts one's imagination off should be avoided.”

10. “No matter how sure you think you are
you can always be completely wrong!”

11. “Take advantage of every moment.”

There’s no rules – it’s your life – make your own!”

13. "There’s two kinds of people in this world:"
Talkers & Walkers

14. “Winning someone’s heart – without any crutches – is the biggest test!”

15. “If the highest level of filth in any given building is in the ‘toilet area’, than conversely – if the ‘toilet area’ of a given building has the lowest level of filth…”

16. “If you’re hanging on by a thread, be aware –
it’s that thread that keeps you going!”

17. The question isn’t:
‘Who looks the best?’

The question is:
‘Who would be the most fun to be around?’

18. “We all have to live and die with the consequences of the choices we make.”

19. “Things that work good in this world are mutual”

20. “When you’re in hell, never stop running, and never look back.”