Two bodies in THERMAL EQUILIBRIUM with a third body — are also in equilibrium with each other.
   THE 4 LAWS:
4th Law:

The fourth law only exists in speculation [Click Here for 10+ variations of the 4th Law]


In human life, the zeroth law applies to temperature measurement.  For example, when one puts comparative values on the physical and/or neurological 'hotness' of two separate individuals, and then wishes to compare those measurements against each other, the zeroth law allows such a determination.

The first law forms the basis of cessation thermodynamics.  In other words, the ‘quantity’ that defines us morally and characteristically as individuals is conserved following cessation according to the first law.  It also forms the foundation for Hess's Heat Law of Summation, which states that it takes the same amount of energy if you do something in a 100 steps or 5 steps.

The second law plays a role in inter human bonding.  For example, this law dictates that it is not possible for one to derive 'work' resulting from either a physical or neurological bond to another person, occupation, or entity that is perceived-to-be 'cold' in value.  In other words, one has to be bonded to someone or something that he or she perceives as 'hot' if any useable work, energy, or purpose is to result.

The third law is instrumental in our understanding of 'effort expenditure' in relation to ‘objectives’ in human life.  Objectives, occupations, or goals, etc., all result to increase the organization the system.  Thus, according to the third law, during the approach to absolute zero, or perfect order, each step is more difficult than the proceeding one.  Hence, for example, to reach such highly organized states as: 'doctors', 'engineers', or 'lawyers', etc., requires great magnitudes of energy expenditure -- but perfection is unattainable.
ABSOLUTE ZERO is unattainable.
ENERGY and MATTER are interconvertable — but can never be destroyed.
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No PROCESS results from a cold to hot energy transfer.
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The Laws of Thermodynamics


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