Origin of:
Cessation Thermodynamics

First, on 11/15/01 at 3:00 AM, Thims solved the problem of applying the Gibbs free energy equation

∆G = ∆H – T∆S

to the human reaction mechanism, i.e. human life; after seven year’s worth of puzzle dabbling. 

Second, on 12/05/01, Thims decided it would be advisable to write a short book to present this solution; having never before had any aspirations to write. 

Third, through ’02-’03 Thims read approximately 250 variegated books in efforts to determine if such a presentation had already been said, done, and discarded; resultantly, only a few partial presentations were found—none being fully defined.

Fourth, by 11/10/03 an 850-pg rough draft was in place.  This crude copy was then filtered through the first reviewer, a University of Chicago MBA graduate, for ‘likeability’ and ‘understandability’.  This reviewer liked, understood, agreed with everything. 

Fifth, in ’04 Thims began filtering the book through about 12 reviewers. 

Sixth, by ’05 Thims decided to split the now 1,000-pg book titled ‘Human Thermodynamics’ [encompassing 500 scientific references, 50 original research projects, 2,000 in-person survey data points, and 10 proofs] into three separate volumes [VI-VIII].

Seventh, on 01/23/05 as a favor for a 20-year-old friend [a cheerleader, model, and homecoming princess] whose mother and grandmother were both murdered a month prior [over an insurance scam], Thims took a late chapter from the third volume, and wrote up a quick, easy-to-read 15-pg overview, as to where a person goes, in reality, when they die—according the laws of human thermodynamics. 

Eighth, on 02/03/05 after filtering this 15-pg overview through nine people for respectfulness and agreeability, Thims then showed it to his 20-year-old cheerleader friend—she loved it! 

Ninth, by 02/28/05 several reviewers after reading both the 15-pg copy and the full 1,000-pg book stated they liked the shortened version better, and suggested that it be published ahead of time as a stand-alone thought piece.  Thims went with this idea calling the theory the Cessation Conservation Supposition [C2S], and the book itself 'Cessation Thermodynamics' being definitively the the study of the thermodynamics of cessation

Tenth, through the remainder of ’05 Thims filtering C2S [now about 75pg's] through 100+ people to test for acceptability; resultantly, 87% of these reviewers agreed that the overall concept: 'sits well in their stomach'.  There after, Thims worked to tighten the book, while keeping the page length under 100 pages, for introductory sake.