Water [H20] molecules in possession of Gravitational potential [G]
Chinese charcter for chemistry or the study of 'change' [∆]
Human molecule [Mx] attached to a water [H2O] substrate in possession of gravitational potential energy [G]
Institute of Human Thermodynamics & IoHT Publishing Ltd.

[1] Libb Thims - HT-Researcher, Author, Surfer, Engineer, Ironman (aspirant)
Location: Chicago, Illinois, US
BS Chemical Engineering - University of Michigan
BS Electrical Engineering - University of Michigan
School Rank: Top 5 Engineering School [1]
Class Rank: Top 8% in Graduating Class (12th/156-students)
MS Physics / PhD Biochemistry / MD Neuroscience (all in progress)
Books: Human Thermodynamics VI-VIII  [Link]
Book: Cessation Thermodynamics [Link]
Book: Human Chemistry
Book: The Human Molecule
- Central Research Lab -
The Institute of Human Thermodynamics is a leading international professional body and learned society with over 75 members, which promotes the advancement and dissemination of a knowledge of and education in the science of human thermodynamics, pure and applied.
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Inception: 08/30/05
Group 1: Founder/Organizer
Group 2: HT Researchers and Contributors
Group 3: Early HT Reviewers
[5] Jing Chen, Thermo-Economic Researcher, Mathematician, Finance Professor, Writer
Location: Northern British Columbia, Canada
BS Mathematics - Fudan University, Shanghai
MS Mathematics - Institute of System Sciences, Beijing
PhD Mathematics - University of Michigan
Book: The Physical Foundations of Economics - an Analytical Thermodynamic Theory [Amazon]
Articles: SSRN Author Page
URL: Economic Thermodynamics
[1] Lawrence Chin, HT-Researcher, Writer, Philosopher
Location: Montreal Quebec, Canada
BS Philosophy - University of Long Beach
URL: A Thermodynamic Interpretation of History
[3] Elizabeth Dole Porteus, HT-Researcher, Writer, Philosopher
Location: Hawaii, US
BA Child Study - Vassar College
MA Social Work - Smith College School
(a) Daughter of world-renowned Hawaiian pineapple pioneer James D. Dole
(b) In college, a Vassar Professor challenged her to come up with her own philosophy
(c) At the age of 94, has confirmed her thermodynamic Impulse Theory of life as it relates to happiness
Book: My Twentieth Century Philosophy [Amazon]
Book: The Story of James Dole [Amazon]
URL: Happiness Thermodynamics
[2] Georgi P. Gladyshev, HT-Researcher, Physical Chemist, Professor, Writer
Location: Moscow, Russia
BS Chemistry - State University in Alma-Ata
PhD Polymer Chemistry - State University in Alma-Ata
President: International Academy of Creative Endeavors
Principal Reseacher: Institute of Chemical Physics (RAS)
Head: Institute of Physico-Chemical Problems of Evolution
Book: Thermodynamic Theory of the Evolution of Living Beings [Amazon]
URL: Hierarchical Thermodynamics
- HT Researcher -
- HT Editor -
Human molecule [Fy] attached to a water [H2O] substrate in possession of gravitational potential energy [G]
[7] Andrew Maxwell, HT/CT-Researcher, US Marine - Special Operations Capable [SOC], Philosopher, Writer
Location: Chicago, Illinois, US
Factoid: theorized tactical unit Combat Thermodynamics [CT]
Mensa Qualified: I.Q = 134 - 138 [Military Intelligence Exam]
BLOG: Mental Fluidity

[8] Lynn Liss, HT/BT-Researcher, Management Consultant
Location: Los Angeles, California, US
BS Business Finance - Eastern Michigan University
MBA Finance & Strategy - University of Chicago
School Rank: Top 5 Business School [1]
External Project: What's Your 'Check 21'? - Bearing Point Consulting
JHT: Business Human Thermodynamics
[4] Ted Erikson, HT-Researcher, Diving Instructor
Location: Chicago, US
BS Chemical Engineering - Illinois Institute of Technology
MS Chemistry - Illinois Institute of Technology; Thesis: "Steady State Thermodynamics"
(a) 20 years R&D at IIT Research Institute
(b) 20 years teaching H.S. chem/physics/math
(c) Founder: SDogV D.R.M.S., LLC.
URL: www.SdogV.com
Want to Join?

The Institute of Human Thermodynamics (IoHT) was established in 2002 with the general goal of linking up interested people from around the world with focus on the topic of chemical thermodynamics and human life.  To become a member of the IoHT, you will need to:

(a) Write a 3-10 page article on some aspect of the thermodynamical operation of human life.
(b) Have your article approved and published in the Journal of Human Thermodynamics.

Send your draft article to Libb Thims, via HT email, if you would like to join.  There is no charge for membership.  We are essentially a thermodynamic community or network linked up via webpages, emails, and occasional meetings.  The generalized idea is that via the exchange of information, concepts, theories, and ideas, the new sciences of human chemistry and human thermodynamics might accelerate at a faster rate.
[6] Viktor Minkin, HT Biometrist, Imaging and Fingerprint Technologies Developer.
Location: Saint-Petersburg, RU.
BS Measurement and Information Technologies
MS Photosensitive Devices
Articles: 2007: "Head Movements Vibraimage Visualization and Energetic Models of Emotions" [URL]
2008: “Fingerprints and the Thermodynamics of Human Development.” [URL].

- HT Researcher -
Early-stage, 2002-2007, IoHT consultants, editors, reviewers, and associates are listed below:

K. Collins, D. Michalopoulos, L. Sands, S. Miller, E. Heider, J. Mejia, R. Frank, J. Adams, S. Lacy, T. Brelie, M. Barbanente, A. Santiago, T. Clotfelter, G. Turner, S. Santillan, J. Prince, J. Lindblad, E. Duncan, L. Araujo, Mr. O, D. Fey, I. Liss, T. Beveridge, C. Lombardi, J. Trinka, C. Lombardi, G. Shah, M. Ettawil, S. Adler, G.R.H., G. Horowitz, D. Willow, M. Larcher, A. Weiss, C. Murray, S. Marano, L. Streske, D. Gomez, K . Prince, N. Duncan, R. Yro, S. Sheikh, G. Liss, N. Munoz, J. Pastin, R. Troop, U. Patel, C. Williams, S. Ashraf, S. Cauliflower, T. Katz, and J. Alias.

Early HT Contributors:
[9] Gerard Nahum, CT-Researcher, pharmaceutical operations
BS chemical engineering, MD gynecology
JHT: “A Proposal for Testing the Energetics of Consciousness and its Physical Foundation” (2010)