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Is Love a Chemical Reaction?
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Inception: 12/21/05
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"YES" - 65.5%
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# Reason Name
1 How can it not be? If it has anything to do with brain synapses firing or misfiring, that's chemicals! Dave
2 The “laws of attraction” say that when you fall in love with someone, your brain "reacts" in just the same way as when you eat chocolate. Menos
3 Because there is the exchange of fluids, you "combine" and create something new! Juan C.
4 Because every single emotion is a chemical reaction. Gary
5 Because of the emotions you feel inside; because you are a chemical! Miha
6 I want to say no, but I’m a psychology major and I’ve seen evidence pointing towards yes. Ashley H.
7 Chemicals and things are shooting off in your body and your head when you like someone. Laura S.
8 It’s a reaction, your heart races, adrenaline increases, eyes dilate, everything changes. Rasheed
9 I just heard on the news that when two people are in love the body produces some kind of chemicals, but after two years the chemicals subside. Jeff
10 Because you have a bond going on. Hanna
11 Something in your body tells you and it sends a message. Elik
12 It’s definitely something that’s going on from the inside; you feel it in your heart, it’s not just something in your head. Dan
13 All of our body works via chemicals. Renee
14 You feel it over your whole body; your body is sexually attracted to them, your mind is mentally attracted to them, and your heart is attracted to them. Ella
15 Because why can’t a man stay in love with the same woman; he needs different stuff all the time. Trin
16 It should be? Gabe
17 Everything we feel is an axon-synapse interaction. Juan
18 Because all sorts of things happen in your body, that are impulsed electrically by nerves, and that’s chemicals! Art
19 I believe it’s a scientifically proven fact. Gina
20 Because, if I had to bet, I’m sure somebody can prove it somehow. Tom
21 It’s hormonal; you know how certain birds go to certain spots during mating season, there instincts tell them to go. Ryan D.
22 Because there are chemicals in your brain; first you receive something: visual, scent, auditory, etc. and it triggers a reaction, it’s all connected. Eddy
23 It has to be; because thoughts in and of themselves are chemical reactions in your brain. Dave C.
24 When you love someone, your feelings and your brain are interacting; when you love someone, I don’t think you have a choice. Calvin
25 I’m drawn; but in the big picture, I lean towards yes; there’s lots of biology involved when two people are drawn to each other, feelings, and the whole concept of an energy field between to people. Nicole
26 It’s a bond that’s formed between two people. Tiffany
27 It has to be, because if it doesn’t start right away it’s going to take a really long time. Francisco
28 Because it’s adrenaline, it’s just something that kicks in, you can’t help it. Bart
29 Because all your emotions, thoughts, and everything are controlled by the different kinds of chemicals in your body and your mind. Tara K.
30 When you have a love for something or someone there’s chemicals, pheromones, activity in the brain. Ryan M.
31 There’s hormones. Orna
32 Because they talk about chemistry; if two people do not have chemistry love cannot happen. George
33 It takes place in the brain; e.g. when two people are together, serotonin levels rise. J.P.
34 I can’t think of a reason, it just is. Sal
35 I don’t know why; I just don’t want to say no? Tara M.
36 The feeling you get, it feels like a chemical reaction. Emily
37 I don’t know why? Dave M.
38 I don’t know why? Katherine
"NO"- 34.5%
# Reason Name
1 It’s all in your head. Kneely
2 I know there are endorphins and chocolate, etc. that have to do with love, but I don’t think the whole process adds up to chemicals. Feona
3 Puppy love is; but real love isn’t. Lexus
4 I don't know why, I just don't think it is? Akkrudi
5 Everything in the body of course has to do with chemicals, but the question of love itself is more philosophical. Andy
6 It’s more of emotions than chemicals; it’s a feeling. Eva
7 It’s more emotional. Dale
8 The initial chemical precursors involved in physical attraction are chemical, but the word “love” itself is a result of social conditioning. Tim O.
9 It’s something that happens in your heart. Stephanie
10 It’s just something that your body develops. Steve
11 It’s more “spiritual” than “chemical”. Adeel
12 Because a chemical reaction can’t be reversed; whereas depending on the situation love can. Valerie
13 Even when there’s no chemistry people can still try and make it work. Ofe
14 I think it’s natural. Lana
15 It just isn’t. Kimia
16 I don’t know why? Cory
17 I don’t know why? Kristine
18 I don’t know why? Blake
19 I don’t know why? Jeannine
20 I don’t know why? Ashley S.
[on results]
In December of '05, the IoHT polled and queried randome college students and working class people from the chicagoland area, aged predominantly 18-35, with the following query card:
Participants were asked to provide: [1] first name, [2] answer, and [3] a quick reason why.


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