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The shown thermodynamic insertions are only tentatively posted - this derivation is still under-construction.

[Shown above are the posted results of this study]
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Institute of Human Thermodynamics
Data Set #4 - 2004

"Top 60 Mate Selection Traits Desirability Table"
Table of Research Projects

[1] Thims, L. (2005-2006). Human Thermodynamics, Vol I-III. Chicago: IoHT Publishing Ltd. [HT Books].
[Thermodynamic Inserts Source]

[2] Todosijevic, B. Ljubinkovic, S. Arancic, A. (2003). "Mate selection criteria: A trait desireability assessment study of sex differences in Serbia. [PDF]. Evolutionary Psychology, Vol. 1 pgs 116-126.
[Ranked 60 Traits Source]