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Research Project #12 - 2006
:: Worst Job Survey ::
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The results of this study are shown below, ranked by vote:
Study Overview

In 2006, in order to determined the most repulsive jobs to marry into, the IoHT polled 40 college-aged people with the query: "what is the worst job to have?"  The conditional term ‘worst’ was specified in terms of sexual selection perspectives, but also with reference to psychological effects, physicalities, long-term effects, peer pressure, social perspectives, and family prerogatives.  In other words, survey participants were essentially instructed to select the worst jobs as based on the perspective that they wouldn’t want to date or marry a person if they had that job. 
# Occupation Rank
1 Stripper, Poll Dancer V, V, V, I
2 Garbage Collector, Trash Compactor Cleaner V, V, V, I
3 Hooker, Prostitute, Escort V, V, IIII
4 Janitor, Bathroom Attendant, Custodian, Event Cleanup Crews V, V, II
5 Fast Food Worker, Fast Food Drive Thru, Fast Food Cook V, V
6 Waste Sewage Cleaner, Septic Tank Cleaner V, IIII
7 Server V, IIII
8 Porn Star V, III
9 Drug Dealer, Class A Drug Dealer V
10 Factory Worker, Shipping and Receiving, Box Stacker IIII
11Cop, Traffic personIIII
12Gynecologist, Podiatrist, Dentist, County Jail PhysicianIIII
13Dishwashers, Floor mopperIII
14Bathhouse girls, Massage parlor employee, FlufferIII
15Adult bookstore/Bathhouse/Porn theater cleanerIII
16Manure bagger, Pigeon poop cleaner, Horse poop scooperIII
17Truck driver, Bus driverIII
18Gas station attendantIII
19Recycler sorter, Garbage pickerII
20Plumber, Emergency PlumberII
21Mortician, Cemetery caretakerII
22Farmer, FarmhandII
23Taxicab driverII
24Toll-booth attendant, Department of Motor VehiclesII
25Parking meter maidII
26Secretary, Secretary to presidentII
27Nail tech, Filing II
28Maid, House Cleaning MaidII
29Restaurant manager II
30Fish cleaner, Crab fishermanII
31Landscapers, GardnerII
32Male Gigolo, Male stripper, Playgirl modelII
33Traveling salesperson/marketerII
35Construction workerII
36Bean picker
37Animal artificial inseminator
39Security guard
40Meat house worker
41Tow truck driver
42Laundry attendant
43Grown paperboy
45Labor worker
47Package refusal pickup person
50 Host/hostess
53Street cleaner
54Grocery check-out person
55Door-to-to salesman
56Customer service
57Retail worker
59Tattoo artist, Piercer
60 Cigarette manufacturer