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Research Project #10 - 2006
:: When Did Life Begin and What Did it Look Like? ::
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The partial results of this study showed that approximately 20% percent people polled will give a theological-biased answer and 80% will give scientific-based answers.  A miscellany of the 16-best scientifically-reasoned answers proffered by the average person are shown below.  To note, BYA stands for billions of years ago, MYA stands for million of year ago, and the current scientifically accepted date for the start of life is 3.85 BYA in the form of bacterial cells or viruses:
Study Overview

In 2006 the IoHT polled 30 people, mostly college students, 11 women, 19 men, aged18-30, with the query: "when did life begin and what did it look like?"
When Comment Name
N/A Ad infinitum; you cannot create something from nothing – there’s always been life. Dave
N/A During the big explosion when all the components of life were formed. George
N/A After the sun began to shine; it was a speck of something that was able to grow. Miha
N/A Whenever the first water formed in the universe. Jackie
14 BYA When the earth was formed created. Trin
13-14 BYA In the form of light and energy. Aaron
9.0 BYA In the form of bacteria. Dennis
3.5 BYA In the form of raw energy. Tony
3.0 BYA As a small organism encased in a gel-cap with a single strand of DNA inside. Keith
2.5 BYA As a single-celled organism. Gary
2.0 BYA In the form of a cell. Ryan
1.0 BYA As a single-celled microorganism. Johnny
1.0 BYA In the from of bacteria. Rene
0.5 BYA In the from of a speck. Elik
65 MYA As a single-celled organism. JP
100,000 YA In the form of amebas and germs in water. Lexus