The ISSN for the JHT is 1559-386X as registered with the US ISSN Center and listed in the OCLClisted in Ulrich's Periodical Directory, under category "energy", and found in Google Book Search. Published JHT articles are found as freely-available PDFs in Google Scholar.
JHT | 1(1)
"Evil, Structural Stability, and Predisposed Movements"
Article: Online version; Pages 1-12, Aug :: by Libb Thims 

JHT | 1(2)
"Conditioned Response Consciousness"
Article: Online version; Pages: 13-20, Sep :: by Andrew Maxwell

JHT | 1(3)
"Life, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, and Happiness"
Article: Online version; Pages: 21-26, Oct :: by Elizabeth Dole Porteus

JHT | 1(4)
"The First Law of Thermodynamics and the Grain of All Philosophical Insight"
Article: Online version; Pages: 27-35, Oct :: by Lawrence Chin

JHT | 1(5)  (left-unfinished) 
"On the Nature of the Human Chemical Bond" 
Artice: Online version: Pages: 36-61, Nov :: by Libb Thims

JHT | 1(6)
"Human Thermodynamics and Business Efficiency"
Article: Online version; Pages: 62-67, Dec :: by Lynn Liss

JHT | 1(7)
"The Second Law of Thermodynamics and the Evolution of Living Systems"
Article: Online version; Pages: 68-81, Dec :: by Georgi Gladyshev
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:: Science, Human Existence, and the Laws of the Universe
Journal of Human Thermodynamics
JHT | 2(1) (stalled out)
"Neural Processing Unit Theory"
Article: Online version; Pages: 1-10 - Oct :: by Libb Thims

JHT | 2(2) (stalled out)
"Coriolis Force and Asymmetry in Chemical-Biological Evolution"
Article: Online version (draft); Pages: 11-18 - Month :: by Georgi Gladyshev
2005 :: JHT :: Vol. 1
2006 :: JHT :: Vol. 2

2007 :: JHT :: Vol. 3
JHT | 3(1) (stalled out)
"Book Review: A History of Thermodynamics (2007), Ingo Müller"
Article: Online version; Pages: 1-10 - Month :: by Libb Thims

JHT | 3(2)  (stalled out)
"Facial Vibration Imaging Technology and Quantification of Thermodynamic States of Individuals"
Article: Online version (draft); Pages: ##-## - Month :: by Viktor Minkin
2008 :: JHT :: Vol. 4
JHT | 4(1)
"On the Mechanical Equivalent of Heat and Occupation"
Article: Online version; Pages: 1-8, Apr :: by Libb Thims
  • The 2005 article "On the Nature of the Human Chemical Bond" was left un-finished.  The predominate reason being that the view emerged that a complete analysis of topic would not fit on one web-page; the article, instead, seeded the impetus behind the writing of the the 2007 824-page, 2-volume textbook Human Chemistrya project that took 18-months and 14-days to complete.
  • The 2006-07 issues of the JHT were disrupted, to an extent, due to involvement of Libb Thims, the JHT's general editor, in the writing of the textbook Human Chemistry (published in September of 2007).
This URL is the homepage for the 
Journal of Human Thermodynamics, for articles on thermodynamics and its applications to human existence as contributed by accredited researchers, scientists, writers, and philosophers.
JHT | 4(2)
"Fingerprints and the Thermodynamics of Human Development"
Article: Online version; Pages: 9-13, Jun :: by Viktor Minkin
2009 :: JHT :: Vol. 5
JHT | 5(3)
"Neuro Octet Trajectory Theory"
Article: Online version; Pages: 15-19, Jan :: by Libb Thims
For authors

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Other notes:

(a) Every article should have something to do with a thermodynamic aspect of human existence, i.e. the subject of human thermodynamics, or its subfields, psychodynamicseconomic thermodynamicssocial thermodynamicshistory thermodynamicspolitical thermodynamicsevolutionary thermodynamics, etc.
(b) Attempt to limit the use of information theory (or to refrain from this topic entirely)
(c) Articles on the topic of religious thermodynamics may not be accepted (unless it is scientific and rigorous, or of a historical discussion or critique nature, etc.).
(d) Send journal article submissions, attached to an emial, to Libb Thims (, with the acronym "JHT" in the subject line of the email.
(e) Send Libb Thims a heads-up personal message, via his Hmolpedia user account (Sadi-Carnot), in the case that Gmail blocks the submission.
JHT | 5(4)
"Life: a Defunct Scientific Theory?"
Pages: 20-21, Mar :: by Libb Thims
JHT | 5(1)
"Understanding Social Systems: A Free Energy Perspective"
Article: Online version; Pages: 1-6, Jan :: by Jing Chen
See also
JHT | 5(2)
"A Thermodynamic Description of Life and Death in Biosystems"
Article: Online version; Pages: 7-14, Jan :: by Nasif Nahle
JHT | 5(5)
"Stress Management and Innovation: a Thermodynamic View"
Pages: 22-32, Sep :: by Surya Pati
2010 :: JHT :: Vol. 6
JHT | 6(1)
"A Proposal for Testing the Energetics of Consciousness and its Physical Foundation"
Pages: 1-25, Mar :: by Gerald Nahum
2011 :: JHT :: Vol. 7
JHT | 7(1)
"Thermodynamic Proof that Good Always Triumphs over Evil"
Pages: 1-4, Mar :: by Libb Thims
JHT | 6(2)
"On the Thermodynamics of the Evolution and Aging of Biological Matter"
Pages: 26-38, Apr :: by Georgi Gladyshev
JHT | 6(3)
"The Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Mass Societies"
Pages: 39-46, Jun :: by Laszlo Babics
"To Promote the Art and Science 
of Human Thermodynamics for the Betterment of the Human Kind"
JHT | 6(4)
"Hot Sex, Cold Sex, Ambient Sex"
Pages: 47-61, Jul :: by Libb Thims
JHT | 6(5)
"The Physics of Relationships"
Pages: 62-76, Sep :: by Christopher Hirata
JHT | 7(2)
"A Thermodynamic Methodology for Evaluating of Friendship Relations Stability"
Pages: 5-14, Dec :: by Mohsen Mohsen-Nia, H. Arfaei, H. Amiri, and A. Mohsen Nia
Download PDF Full-Text (433 KB) | Peer Review & Discussion (beta pre-print version & forum)
2012 :: JHT :: Vol. 8
JHT | 8(1)
"Thermodynamics ≠ Information Theory: Science's Greatest Sokal Affair"
Pages: 1-120, Dec 19 :: by Libb Thims
Download PDF Full-Text (4183 KB) | Peer Review (14-18 Dec 2012) 
JHT | 9(2)
"Social Equation of State"
Pages: 29-42, Dec 31 :: by Mohsen Mohsen-Nia
Download PDF Full-Text (1.23 MB) | Peer Review (26 Dec 2012-26 May 2013)
JHT | 9(3)
"Natural Law Social Science: A Method of Socioeconomics as an Exact Science"
Pages: 43-54, Dec 31 :: by Stephen Ternyik

JHT | 8(2)
"A Strange Thing Called Love: in View of Thermodynamics"
Pages: 121-132, Dec 31 :: by Vamshi Regalla and Ravi Vedula
Download PDF Full-Text (584 KB) | Peer Review (26-30 Dec 2012)
JHT | 9(1)
"Old and New Paradigms for the Science of Human Behavior"
Pages: 1-28, Apr 26 :: by David Bossens
Download PDF Full-Text (1.34 MB) | Peer Review (15 Jan - 26 Apr 2013)
JHT | 9(5)
"On the Differences Between a Person and a Particle"
Pages: 65-76, Dec 31 :: by Jeff Tuhtan
Download PDF Full-Text (736 KB) | Peer Review​ (8 May-31 Dec 2013)
JHT | 9(4)
"Entropy Generation, Brain Dynamics, and Thomas Aquinas"
Pages: 55-64, Dec 31 :: by Umberto Lucia
Download PDF Full-Text (591 KB) | Peer Review (7 May-20 May 2013)
Peer review process

As of Oct 2011, JHT articles (accepted for submission) are being processed in an open-review, wiki-style, pre-print method of peer review (see: main page). Accepted beta-stage submission articles that do not get: "filtered out" or "retracted", after going through the open peer review and clean process, get published in the JHT (as freely-readable PDFs), and thereafter into Google Scholar; the flow process of which is diagrammed below:
2013 :: JHT :: Vol. 9
A ten-member JHT review board was formerly established in 2012.

Formatting guidlines
See: JHT formatting
“To HEAT are due the vast movements which take place on the earth.”
                    — Sadi Carnot (1824), French physicist-engineer
“Human thermodynamics is the study of systems of human molecules.”
              — C.G. Darwin (1952), English physicist
Download PDF Full-Text (980 KB) | Peer Review (3 May-29 May 2013)
2014 | In review

The following are articles that have been received as drafts and are in or entering the "beta review" process; 

JHT | 9(6)
"Juarrero, Deacon, Nonreductive Physical Materialism, and Chemical Teleology"
Pages: 77-112, Dec 31 :: by Libb Thims
Download PDF Full-Text (1.54 MB) | Peer Review (21 May-Jun 15 2013)
2015 :: JHT :: Vol. 10
Download PDF Full-Text (## KB) | Peer Review (2-3 Dec 2015)
JHT | 10(1)
"Second Law and Three Evolution Paradoxes: Life, Evolve, and Soul"
Pages: 1-14, Dec 11 :: by Libb Thims